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Finding a reliable painter and decorator can sometimes prove difficult but with the job should be a whole lot easier. is your one stop shop for painters and decorators in the UK as it not only contains help and advice for finding a decorator, it also gives you the contact details for painters and decorators in your area.

This site includes a comprehensive listings section, which will help you to locate painters and decorators of all varieties, from odd job painters and decorators to industrial painters and decorators.

Of course you'll want to find a painter/ decorator in your area who can offer you high quality finishes for your walls, from paint and paint effects to wallpaper and tiles, for a reasonable price, and for help on that you're in the right place. On this site you will also find information about home decorators, the British Decorators Association and handy tips to help you find a reliable decorator in your area.

So whatever you need to know about painters and decorators, whether it's the types of qualifications you can expect from a painter/ decorator, to the name and address of a decorating team near you, check out what has to offer.

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